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Saturday, April 5, 2014

1970's Bergen

 photo 2372793_h1a8d0979fd20953c6864_v1394793723_1024x1024.jpeg

It wasn't until after I left Bergen and moved to London, I realized how beautiful the city is. I love the mountains, the fresh air, the sea, the old tree houses and the narrow streets between them. I love skillingsboller, the fish soup and fish cakes at Søstrene Hagelin, tuesday nights at Garage, and everything else about it. Except for the 300 days of rain. I'm going home for a week during easter, and I really can't wait. I'm excited to wake up in my lovely bedroom in my mum's house, relax, and spend time with my friends and family.

While scrolling down my facebook newsfeed, I came across a website with loads of pictures of Bergen, and I completely fell in love with Bergen during the seventies. This was the decade my dad spent all of his teenage years, with long hair and a moustache, probably wearing denim jackets while listening to The Ramones, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and all of the other incredible music the seventies had to offer. My mum's a few years youger, so she probably doesn't even remember entering 1970 as a four year old. She started school a few years later, and then probably grew awkwardly tall at an early age, like I did, before she turned into a foxy lady in the early eighties. But that's another story. Well, here's some pictures from my mum and dad's Bergen.

 photo 2581749_h3b6265fdecfe016e9068_v1394187578_1024x1024.jpeg

 photo 1158652_h6b7770a88e0ac14c1aa1_v1257933334_1024x1024.jpeg

 photo 1138682_hc0b0a5649fe507dc9c10_v1256772771_1024x1024.jpeg

 photo 2563900_h063e85ee72d7dea25151_v1390391984_1024x1024.jpeg

 photo 2372810_h5132e9d418b3e680a9c6_v1361826950_1024x1024.jpeg

 photo 2363644_h6f4bafa1477020f765e0_v1360756101_1024x1024.jpeg

 photo 2121473_h6f5f7cf3be424643fcc2_v1333907568_1024x1024.jpeg

All pictures borrowed from .


  1. Beautiful photos, most of the European cities are really pretty and have a certain charm compared to cities all over the world.

  2. åå, gamle bilder er finest.

  3. Herregud, villt flotte bilder!

  4. aw love they are all lovely- i especially like the flower market. Will call you later today, xxx