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Thursday, August 7, 2014


 photo PrimroseHill.jpg

Today I was sat on top of Primrose Hill for about an hour, listening to Nirvana and enjoying the sunshine. My extremely long summer holiday is about to come to an end, which I think might be a good thing. I'm not looking forward to getting up at 6am every morning, but it'll do me good to get some routines again. The only thing I'm really dreading, is the busy tube an train early in the morning. Grumpy London commuters not letting passangers off the train before getting on, taking up far too much space with their ginormous news paper, and farts. People should go to prison for farting on the tube.

But, I've come up with quite a good plan. Every month, I spend 175 pounds on a travelcard that takes me to work in Wimbledon, and back to Camden later on in the afternoon. 175 pounds I'd much rather spend on other things, concerts, travels, and a one of a kind porcelain skull lamp I saw the other day that I'm currently obsessing over. So, after consulting my dad who's the most clever dad/man in the world and knows everything, I'm getting a bike. Or, my dad kindly offered to get me one as an earli birthday present, what a lovely man. No more crowded trains and monthly travel cards - hello extra cash and new improved superfit Ella. Did I mention that it's nineteen kilometres each way? I'm sure I'll be fine..


  1. Omg ew! Does people really fart on the tube?? Fuck thats reslly distgusting!

  2. Høres ut som en god plan, synes jeg! Man ser så mye av omgivelsene på sykkel, og sykler i seg selv er så fine! (Lampen høres heftig ut, forresten.)

  3. Så lurt! Gratis trim og ekstra penger! :)