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Friday, August 1, 2014

"But what does it mean?"

In early 2010, I got my first tattoo. After that I've gotten four more. One question I keep being asked, is "what do they mean?" Do they have to mean anything? One of the artists who did one of them, said nothing pissed him off more than people not being able to get tattoos without it having some deep, personal meaning. Surely that's nice and all, but when push comes to shove, it's just art. It doesn't have to mean anything. When I'm eighty I'll look down at my wrinkly, old arms, and remember living in Camden in my early twenties, getting shit loads of tattoos, and they'll probably remind me of all the fun I had, all the people I met, all the gigs I went to, and how I was young, carefree and free as a bird - but for now there just here for decorations. I've never disliked my stick thin arms, but I like them oh-so much more now that I've inked them up them a bit.

Some guy I used to work to referred to my hand tattoo as a "job stopper", but then his dream is to work in a church and preach the good ol' lords word, (eek!), and, let's just say that's not really my thing. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that religion is probably the ONLY reason for war, and that we should ban the hole thing. But enough about that, where was I?

You fill your homes with beautiful objects to make them prettier and more you, that's what I do with tattoos. Obviously you'll have to think a tattoo more through than buying some new cushions for your sofa, if you get sick of brightly coloured orange cushions, you can just by new covers. You can't really do that with tattoos.. But if you're out there, trying to man up to get a tatto or not, I'd steal Nike's slogan and say just do it. Obviously think it thoroughly through first, and whatever you do, don't get a boyfriend or girlfriend's name, just, dont.. Besides that, go for it. Customize yourself.

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  1. vil ha jeg og, men det er så dyrt og mine foreldre hater det.

    1. Nei, DET er det dummeste jeg har hørt! Foreldrene dine er glad i deg uansett, du får si det var enten tattovering eller heroin. Kunne vært verre liksom, haha. Det er relativt dyrt i Norge, spesielt i forhold til her i London, men om man tenker på hvor lenge det varer er det ikke så gale. Et par tusen for noe du har resten av livet? Not bad.