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Friday, August 22, 2014


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A couple of months ago, as the great girlfriend I am, I got tickets for my darling and me to see The Hives at Brixton Academy, and yesterday was the big day. We got there about half an hour before it started, and ended up queing at the bar for what felt like forever, where I managed to get my gin & tonic in a double pint glass so I wouldn't spill it. Why don't all bars have gigantic glasses? No more sticky floors. Anyway - Half past nine was showtime, and they absolutely blew my mind! My expectations were quite high, but they still managed to top them. Front men like Howlin' Pelle doesn't grow on trees, and he's by far one of the best ones I've ever seen. He even managed to get the entire crowd to sit down! Sneaky as I am, I was stod at the front where I somehow managed to rub the guitarist Nicholaus Arson's hair, and shake hands with Pelle. I left the venue happy, covered in beer, and sweaty to the bone. Just how I like it.

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  1. Herregud, dette ser helt herlig ut! Skulle gjerne sett The Hives! Og ja, helt fullstendig enig med glassene. Hvorfor skal de fylle opp koppene med drikke heeeelt til kanten slik at halvparten vil bli sølt ut over deg, meg , gulvt og ja- not cool!

  2. What are your must-see concerts in London in September? I'll be spending a few weeks there and since I've noticed our taste in music is alike I'd love to hear some recommendations.

    1. I love getting questions like this! Sadly, I'm not going to any gigs in September (yet), but there's a few ones I wouldnt mind going to..

      First of all, keep an eye on the iTunes festival, if you're a UK resident (your iTunes account will need to be linked to a UK address) you can apply for tickets and if you're lucky, you'll win! The artists playing might also have competitions on their FB pages etc, so keep your eyes peeled. Last year I was lucky enough to win tickets straight from Queens of The Stone Age, and got to see them on my birthday. Best birthday ever!

      Pentagram is playing at The Garage on the 7th, and I can imagine that'll be really good!

      Foo Fighters is playing on the 14th. It's sold out but you might get lucky on ebay or some other website.

      The Subways is playing Dingwalls on the 24th (I think I've got the venue and date right..) if you're into that nostalgic pop punk. We've all been 14, unless you're 13 or under now, in which case you'd be too young anyway.

      Dan Sartain who's signed on Jack White's Third Man Records is playing 100 club in Oxford Street on the 25th. I've only heard a few of his songs, but if it's good enough for Jack White it's probably good enough for us.

      If you're still here in October, Black Moth is playing The Underworld on the 1st, and Jim Jones Revue on the 3rd.

      Keep an eye on as they do the bookings for a few good venues in London.

      I'd also keep an eye on Bandsintown and ticketmaster. If I hear about any other good ones I'll post them here!

      Hope you found this a bit helpful x

    2. Yesss thank you! xx