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Thursday, October 30, 2014


About two months ago The Datsuns announced a UK tour, and I could barely take the excitement! I got tickets to see them at The Lexington, which is a great little venue in North London. After a bit of a think, I realised that seeing them once just wouldn’t be enough, so my boyfriend and I got tickets to see them in York as well. And I’m so glad we did! The venue couldn’t have been better, and their set list was absolutely brilliant. After the gig I snuck in backstage, and by snuck in I mean walked across the stage and let myself in backstage, hah. It is kind of odd though, when you meet one of your favourite bands and realise they are just really nice and friendly normal people, but with the coolest jobs in the world. Ended up staying there for at least an hour, chatting about everything from music to halloween costumes. It was a really good night, followed by a five hour long journy to get back to London the next day, which was less great, hah.

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  1. Great shots! Love The Datsuns so much! Do you remember the setlist?

    1. Aaw thank you! They're absolutely brilliant, such a good band!
      I don't just remember the setlist, I've got it! :-)