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Thursday, February 27, 2014


They were handing out free hats after the Brody Dalle gig, in the brightest colour of orange I have ever seen. And for some reason, (maybe the colour?!) I didn't take one for myself. But, I guess it can be quite practical that my boyfriend did, because now I'll always find him if we're in a crowded place. 6'5" with a glowing orange on his head, impossible to miss!

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


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Brody Dalle at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen last night, was absolutely brilliant! She started the show with "Die on a rope" and "Dismantle me", and after that it was a mix of her new solo stuff, Spinnerette songs, and older Distillers songs. Lucky as I am, I've got tickets to see her again at The Electric Ballroom in April, so April can't come soon enough!

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All pictures taken by me.

Friday, February 21, 2014


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My norwegian readers might already know, that Celine / Hippiehippiemilkshake has written a book about London. I've shared a few of my favourite spots with her, so she was kind enough to send me a copy of her book, and the newest edition of the magazine she's the editor in chief for, STYLEmag. But the best part, she credited me in her book! I wouldn't mind writing a book myselft, at some point in life. But for now, I've got my name in this one, which is pretty cool.

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Monday, February 17, 2014


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I've been living in Camden for about a year and a half (14 year old emo me would be oh-so happy if she knew!), and I really do like it here. I rarely leave the area except for when I'm going to work, as I've got everything I need right here. Although, I must admit Camden High Street is absolutely crazy, the amount of people just standing in your way, when you're out and about just minding your own business, trying to get from A to B.

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Barfly, where I end up almost every time I go out. It's always a bit too busy and a bit too sweaty, but when they play Roadhouse Blues and Killing in the name, that really doesn't matter.

 photo IMG_0520.jpg

Just another grey Monday afternoon on Camden High Street.


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Having the attention span of a three year old with AD/HD, it takes alot for me to finish a book. It's not because I don't like reading, because I relly do love it, it just has to be great from the very first line. So I decided to read Lemmy Kilmister's autobiography, "White Line Fever", and after the first two sentences, I was sold.

" I Was Born Ian Fraser Kilmister on Christmas Eve, 1945, some five weeks premature, with beautiful golden hair which, to the delight of my quirky mother, fell out five days later. No fingernails, no eyebrows, and I was bright red."

So, nedless to say, I kept reading. The books is hilarious, very honest, and probably as rock 'n' roll as you get it. Lemmy seems to be the nicest, coolest and baddest man in the history of rock, and his band, Motörhead is the loudest band in the world. What's not to like? The book is absolutely brilliant, and I can completely understand why my dad would feed me with Motörhead music when I was four years old and everyone else was listening to Jannicke and Spice Girls. (Although, I must admit I had a few of their cassettes as well, but what did I know, I was four!) Apparently, I also made my dad play me "Going to Brazil", before going to bed, which means that I probably was a bit cooler than the average blonde norwegian four year old with pigtails..

I'm getting a bit of track here, so back to what I was talking about. The book. I think everyone should read this book, as it's written by one of the coolest men to ever walk this earth, and his life has been pretty damn interesting, from being a roadie for Jimi Hendrix, to trying to teach Sid Vicious play the bass, being in several bands like The Rockin Vickers and Hawkwind, before starting his own band Motörhead, that will turn 40 YEARS (!!!) next year. Just read it.

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Sunday, February 16, 2014


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Smiling from ear to ear, outside the pub yesterday for my boyfriend's birthday shenanigans.  His birthday is actually today, so we're just on our way out to go for a birthday walk, to get some birthday lunch. I don't know about you, but I think birthday are just as fun now as they were when I was five!

Sunday, February 9, 2014


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Last night, Zahra and I went to see Psyence at The Boston Arms. They were absolutely brilliant, just as I expected, having seen them once before. Mindblowing and loud psychedelia from Stoke on Trent. A great way to spend a Saturday night.

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